Five is a good number. It’s strong, it’s solid, it’s all your digits on a single hand.


And this week, your earth turned another full year around the sun and you became that much taller, that much more grown up, that much less of my little boy and that much more an ever-blossoming young man of this world.

On Tuesday the 9th August, the night before your birthday, I tucked you into bed as usual. And I suddenly had this memory of exactly 5 years earlier, almost to the exact minute on the clock, where you told me you were ready to come into this world by way of a strong and determined contraction. I think I somehow knew back then that you would be one helluva determined kid, who would always let me, and others within your circle of trust, know that you are ready to take the next big step.

And so, as I always do on each and every birthday for you, I write this blog post about what I remember from the year gone passed, before your earth became another full circle on it’s path around the sun. It’s partly a memoir, partly a record of life, partly a way to one day jog my old-age memory. But it’s for you Jakey, to know that there were hundreds and hundreds of every day moments (so much more than I could ever remember) that have made you who you are today.

When you were four……

You loved helping daddy make pancakes every Sunday morning, which taste so good wearing PJs.


“Woopla” – your catch cry phrase when kicking anything up in the air.


Together with your sister, begging me to always play “windy” when I change the sheets. As much as it makes my arms tire so quickly, I know you won’t always squeal with laughter at the sheets flying over your head and so I usually oblige.


Trees and cars are always for climbing when you are 4 years old.



Unpacking the dishwasher in the morning. You proudly take ownership of this daily chore (note to self: show Jake this blog post when he is a surly teenager and remind him that unpacking the dishwasher can be fun).


Piggy back rides…from any willing back.


You can still fit into the pram…just! Every Tuesday, I push you in the too-small pram to the park around the corner from your sister’s ballet, where you climb, slide, swing and explore. I love this time as too often I am occupied with busy life stuff (so much less important), yet this is your and my time, just the two of us.


If there is any other way to enter or exit from a building or room, you will find it. Climbing through a window is your normal.


Your ongoing love of chasing birds…despite the fact that you have never caught one yet!

Only recently over the last few months before you turned five, your growing interest in Lego and your ability to sit for hours creating your own space ships and other inventions.


The way your nose wrinkles and creases when you are surprised by something.


You learned to ride a bike with no training wheels.

And so much more, like….

“Upy” – another catch phrase that is accompanied by puppy dog eyes and arms lifted….and of course when I can not resist you then wrap your legs around my waist and snuggle your head into my neck and make it the best feeling in the entire world for me.

Painting square faces – you started drawing people that went beyond stick figures. These people always have square faces.

Hanging upside down…I have no doubt you were a bat during some previous life.

When I say good night, you pronounce every part of my face and then gently kiss it.

Your love of toilet humour that sets off a contagious bout of giggles and cackles.

Jake, I cannot wait to see the new parts of you as your earth starts it’s five-year old journey around the sun. Some of these things that make you you will stay the same, some will disappear and I have no doubt that there will be many many new parts of you that I will learn to love and nurture.

Love Mummy.


A Birthday Interview – 5 years old

10 August 2016

How old are you ?     5

Who is your best friend? Arki and Jasper

What is your favourite thing to do at kinder? Play in the Mud Kitchen

What is your favourite colour? Gold

What is your favourite food? Cake

What do you like to do with  Evie?    Play the marble game

What do you like to do with mommy ? Unpack the dishwasher

What do you like to do with daddy? Play swing ball tennis

What do you want to be when you are bigger? A fireman

What makes you happy When someone tickles me

What makes you sad? When someone hits me

What is your favourite TV show?  Octonauts

What is your favourite book?   The book with no pictures

What do you love to do when you wake up in the morning? Sleep in mommy’s bed

What do you think is silly? Climbing on a tree

What is the best part of your birthday?      Eating cake for breakfast

What’s your favourite sometimes food? Lollipops

What’s your favourite birthday present?     Lego