I am Teri, mom to Evie, my little fairy and Jake my little monkey. I am constantly amazed how two kids that were created from the same genetic material of the same parents, could exhibit such different personalities.

Recently I felt a deep yearning for a third child but my husband keeps repeating his mantra of “only two kids per wife!” and I am slowly coming to accept and be extremely grateful for the two beautiful children who complete our family. With this realisation came another realisation that the girlie fairy and inquisitive monkey will grow up and their personalities will evolve into young adults. This photo journal is an opportunity to capture the countless moments of their innocent youth and share with family and friends near and far who in ways both big and small have an influence on my children’s lives.

I hope you enjoy this journey.


Evie is pink through and through and insists that girls can only look pretty if they wear dresses, never pants.

Jake will climb and run rather than walk. Give him a soccer ball or a playground and he is happy little chappy.

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