And just like that you turned three. How quickly it has gone, from that moment you first told me you were ready to enter the world with a fierce labour contraction, to a young boy who who grows taller before my eyes.

You love eating lollies and can often be found trying to reach for the lolly tub first thing in the morning.
You have a magnetic attraction to all shapes and types of balls.
You adore your sister, cousins and grandparents and will willingly give anyone a cuddle.
You have beautiful blue eyes and a damn good pout when you want to.
You would drink gallons of milk every day if it was up to you.
You have become fiercely independent and insist “no, I do it” at every opportunity
Your smile and giggle can always brighten my mood.

This video is a story of the 10th August 2014. A day of birthday cake making, a visit from the birthday fairy, your first real party and a celebration for you, from all of us who love and adore you completely and for always.