Sunday, 17 August 2014


Another week, yet once again in some ways it feels like its been a fast forward motion with hundreds of events all jam packed into 7 days. This week I finished my employment at Nestle after almost a decade, my little monkey turned three (another post about that soon) and as always, my to-do list grew longer rather than shorter.

It feels strange to think there are less than 20 weeks in the year, which means less than 20 posts in this project. I am looking forward to looking back (with the kids) as we recall memories and moments that made up our year. Here are a few from this week…




Evie: She may be a girly-girl who loves dressing up, but she is also just a kid who loves pulling funny faces.

Jake: He loves helping mom with baking, especially when it's to make his own birthday cake.

Together: We have had a few bedtime difficulties this week and one night we tried a different approach and let them sleep together. Of course there were screams of delight and lots of chatting and giggles, but eventually the eye lids shut and my love grew just a little bigger as I watched them dreaming.


As always, joining Jodi and all the other 52 project bloggers.