IMG_0914I have already written a post about our fabulous trip to a very special part of Australia, Kangaroo Island.

This magical place will provide the ultimate gastronomical adventure for all foodies. We tasted honey ice cream made from pure strain honey from the Ligurian bee found nowhere else in the world, bought King George Whiting direct from the fisherman’s boats and sampled goats milk cheese while the kids watched the baby goat’s being fed hydroponic organically grown grass!

Whilst I was repsonsible for plotting our food map, my husband made sure that we visited every winery on the island. One place that we discovered, really deserves a special mention. It was one of those spots where you feel everything start to slow down as you drive up the dirt driveway, even the car tyres turn more slowly. The puppy comes out to greet you as you step into a different place in time, I almost felt like I was Alice in Wonderland.

Chapman River Wines in AnteChamber Bay, owned and managed by Diana and Bruce Keir, is a unique winery and a destination even for those that don’t like to sample the vino. It’s a place away from day to day reality, where you want to lie on the couch curled up for the afternoon with a glass of wine and a good book. With a giant playground outside for the kids, complete with swing ball, climbing equipment, slides and of course paper and crayons for doodling, that is exacty what we did!

As I have said before, Kangaroo Island should be on everyone’s bucket list…and Chapman River Winery should be at the top of the bucket. You will leave here understanding why the wines are called “happiness wines”.

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