Upon our return to the mainland after two blissful weeks on the truly beautiful Kangaroo Island, we were driving back to Adelaide, when  pointing to a traffic light, Evie said “mommy, what is that?”. As soon as I said a traffic light, she responded “of course!”

It struck me there and then just how unique was our holiday experience. Two lazy weeks exploring one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, where there was no need for traffic lights, where we purchased fresh seafood caught daily by local fisherman, where lazy morning breakfasts of local produce were followed by beach days, wineries, afternoon naps and not much else and where my husband, myself and our two kids reconnected with ourselves, nature and most importantly with each other.

This place is just too beautiful and magical to share in words. I have tried to capture the essence of our special holiday in some of these photographs, but I highly recommend to every man, woman and child that you add this destination to your bucket list.


IMG_0956 IMG_0955 IMG_0951 IMG_0946 IMG_0944 IMG_0935

IMG_2239 IMG_2237 IMG_2235 IMG_1084 IMG_1082 IMG_1078 IMG_1072 IMG_1061 IMG_1058 IMG_1036 IMG_1032 IMG_1007


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