My children are living through unprecedented times. Their conscious brain has developed sufficiently to always remember the corona virus pandemic, yet they are young enough that their minds will forget the intricacies of the day to day details. One day they will want to look back and recall what daily life was like. With 2020 being a year of more school days at home than on campus, these black and white time capsules are their school year story.

These images show school education turned on its head, yet at the same time encapsulates an essential core of what has remained steadfast. For in every photo there is a story of the digital and human interface. Everything from music, art, sport, kitchen classes, gardening, interactive excursions to the zoo, #feelgoodfriday lessons and writing, watching, listening and learning. Our digitally enabled world has allowed their school education to re-imagined and re-invented. Yet the physical tools, and the essential human element of the teacher-child relationship is still the very essence of their education.

Over the past few weeks I have witnessed my kids sense of empowerment and resilience grow. They have been able to grieve and move on, found new coping skills and experienced narratives of delayed gratification. Whilst we yearn for a life that we miss, I am nonetheless grateful for these new found skills that my kids have developed during this crazy time of our lives.