Sunday, 2 March, 2014


I have been surprised by how much I have missed my baby SLR camera over the last two weeks while it has been in for a service, to the point that I have escalated the research I have been doing over the past few months to purchase a new body and lens…but that is a post for another time while I still save up my pocket money!

Whilst my iPhone photos are not up to scratch, here are some moments that made up our week.



Evie: She is finally starting to drop her midday sleep after almost 4.5 years but still has quiet time, especially with her dad as he is much better at this than I am.

Jake: He adores his big sister and wants to copy everything she does, including wearing her fairy shoes.

Together: This week is a video with a story narration….I have watched this so many times and the tenderness from both of them never fails to make me teary.