Friday, 7th February, 2014


I am really enjoying this 52 project. It is a challenge, as I keep reminding myself to keep my camera attached to my hip, sort of how a third child may be attached to my hip and dragged around with my chaotic lifestyle. I am enjoying looking back on the photos for each week, deliberating as to which were the cream of the crop, which ones told the story of events, feelings and happenings for the week.

I am still playing catch up and yes, I STILL have to post photos from the very first week, which will form part of my belated post on our wonderful trip to Kangaroo Island.

Wewek 4 is titled “the swimming series”. We spent a glorious summer weekend with my husband’s family down the Mornington Peninsula Coast last weekend. With 14 of us staying in a gorgeous old rambling beach house with a giant swimming pool and 40 degree weather, needless to say the kids were barely dry.




 Evie: those blue eyes never cease to amaze me

 Jake: “watch this” was his catch cry of the weekend and I think he fearlessly jumped into the pool about a thousand times each day

 Together: proudly displaying our goggles