Sunday, 4 May 2014


My family know that when I go away on holiday, I switch personalities and totally chill out. I take time to slow down, breathe and am generally happy to have no plans and do not much at all. I always try to extend this holiday sentiment when I get back to reality, but these plans have yet to come to fruition.

This has been a lonnnnggg week since we arrived home from Fiji. Combined with very early morning wake up calls due to the time difference, shock of the cold weather after walking barefeet for a week and back to work / school , cooking and doing the dishes, our Nespresso coffee machine has had an extra workout this week.




Evie: She was excited to show off her beads back in Melbourne.

Jake: This kid may have been a bat in his previous life. Such a thrill to hang upside down.

Together: Yes, I realise these don’t look like my children but two cups of coffee for mom and dad epitomised our week. I nurtured this coffee like it was my child.