Independance is an interesting word. As a parent, it evokes mixed emotions. On the one hand, I crave the days where my children become more independant and allow me to focus on other aspects of my life that are somewhat neglected. On the other hand, I know that my job as a parent is to make myself redundant and a time will come where my heart breaks at how independant my children have become and have so much less need for my reliance.

Evie and I had an interesting discussion today about Independance. She told me Israel is independant. She then proceeded to tell me the myriad of ways that she is independant – she can draw by herself, dress herself, drink water by herself, take her plate to the kitchen by herself (note to self: remind Evie about this independance when she is a surly teenager and does not want to take her plate to the kitchen), talk to people by herself…and the list went on and on.

Today Evie told me that Israel is turning 66 and that Israel is younger than Australia. She told me she wants to visit Israel and write a note at the kotel for Hashem. Today Israel celebrates 66 years of Independance. And today my little fairy grew a little more independant.