Sunday, 27 April 2014

16 and 17 / 52

Fiji, what can I say?? From your warmth and hospitality of your people to the beautiful and decadent resort where we stayed, the kids saying “Bula” to everyone who crossed their paths and most importantly our family time together without devices, distractions and other realities of life – I want to say thank-you! 

I have many many more photos to share (in fact I ran out of space on my memory card), but for now here is a snippet of our last two weeks.





Evie: The highlight of her holiday was getting her hair braided. It was all she spoke about for weeks before we left, the minute we got there and these braids are still getting their fair share of attention.

Evie: The exotic and lush gardens at the resort provided daily opportunities for hair decorations.

Jake: His laughter at being thrown into the air could be heard from miles away.

Jake: And his love for all ball sports continues.

Together: This is how our days were spent.

Together: A rare family photo and miraculously everyone appears to be looking at the camera.