Last week Jake, my youngest child, started prep (first official year of school in Melbourne, Australia).

At 6:30am, he walked out of his room, fully dressed, with his back pack on his back and asked if we could go to school now.

It seems like just overnight he went from kindergarten to wearing a school uniform, eager to read and write and beyond excited to have his own real lunch box.

I was expecting to feel very mixed emotions on this day. On the one hand, I knew I would be so proud of this little kid and full of excitement for what lies ahead of him on his school career. I was also expecting to feel a bit sad at the same time, as my youngest child heads off to school and there will be no more babies to follow in his foot steps. My close friends and family know that for a long time I really wanted to have a third child, and no matter how many times I begged my husband, he kept up with his usual mantra of “Two kids per wife.”

The funny thing is that on this morning , his first day of school, I felt an amazing sense of satisfaction within our family nucleus. Jake and his sister were confidently and proudly heading off to school. I feel completely fulfilled by these two kids that are ready to take on their school careers….although I hope Jake doesn’t plan to head off to school every morning at 6:30am!

Jakey, this is you…on the 2nd February 2017….getting ready for your very first day of big school. Whilst it feels like a part of my heart has left home to go into the big school world, it is also swollen with pride at the young man that you have become.

I love you kiddo.