As the year turned over another digit, I found it interesting how many people were joyfully saying goodbye to 2016. Everywhere seemed to be articles and opinions as to why society should be glad to see the back of 2016. And yet I feel the complete opposite. When I think back to 2016, it is filled with so much of the most precious time that will never be recovered. It will be the last time forever that my fairy will be six years old and my little monkey four. Like every parent, I feel they are growing up too fast and I have a desire to capture and bottle up these memories forever,

2016 was a year filled with so many every day moments. There were parks, ballet classes, challah baking, slides, sparklers. There were sunset ocean swims in our clothes, nature walks, visits to galleries and eating juicy mangoes in summer. Then there were more parks and swings, swimming races, fireworks displays, funfairs, camp fires and practising cartwheels. There were the moments of being a kid at home, spending all day in pyjamas.

2016 was so much for us. This is a memory postcard video, inspired by Xanthe Berkley, who is exceptionally creative and who I have learned so much from when it comes to capturing memory postcards. These are the mundane, yet oh so important, every day video clips that never made it into some of my other films and is a glimpse into our year that was 2016.