You are my daughter with the wisdom beyond your years. You are the kind soul who is always nagging me to take you into the city to give another bag of clothes to a homeless person. You are the friend who everyone wants to play with as you never leave anyone out. You are the empathetic individual who always knows the right moment to walk over and give someone a hug and just sit with them, no words needed. You are the reserved student who takes in absolutely everything, in your own way, your own time and without the need to shout it out to the world. You are our daughter, our child, our sister, our grand child, our cousin, our friend and today you turned 7.

What I remember when you were six…

1) The blonde highlights that started to appear on the end of your hair.


2) You won your very first swimming race and learned a very important lesson about sportsmanship that day.


3) You still love sleeping with a cuddly toy. I will treasure these moments as I know this is something you will grow out of…hopefully not for many years.


4) Your love of cooking and helping me in the kitchen has started to increase. This makes me super excited to think of the times ahead where we can cook and create together.


5) Your infectious giggle that gets anyone who hears it cracking up with laughter.

6) The way you say “but mummy, what do you think??” when I too easily give an answer of “I don’t know”.

7) You will sit and sit for hours by yourself playing with your dolls. What a precious gift you have, that you love your own company.


8) At the age of 6, you became so confident in your bike riding and have come so far from the days of your balance bike riding next to Daddy.


9) The way you express your excitement about sleepovers with friends and your cousins by saying ” I just don’t know how to wait”.

10) Your aptitude for maths and your love of counting every day things.

11) Your favourite bedtime pastime – piggybacks to bed.


12) You reached the age where you started to become more body aware and with this, a desire to not undress in front of others in the swim change rooms.

13) When you are excited for something to start, asking “how many more minutes”, even if it is still hours and hours away.

14) In the morning at school drop off, you love staying with your mum and brother rather than going straight to your friends. I treasure this, as I know way too soon you will run off with barely a perfunctory wave goodbye.

15) Your piano skills that have developed greatly over the past year. You will happily practise every day and you performed  exceptionally well at your first recital.


Happy birthday my sweet sweet Evie. May you always fly high with the wind in your hair.