You are so boy. You run, you climb, you build, you play dirt.

You are my little monkey…but maybe not for too many more years. But for now, you get that look of pure delight on your face when I walk into your kinder room at pick up time. For now, your head fits perfectly into the crook of my neck. For now, your small hand seeks mine for comfort, reassurance and security. For now, you jump into my arms and wrap your skinny legs around me for a full body cuddle. For now, your blue eyes know how to win me over every time you ask for “just one” lolly.

For now, I watch you play in the park as the sunlight captures the delight on your face. I push you higher and higher in the swing and hear you squeal with glee. For now, I watch you over and over as you race down the slide, backwards, frontwards, head first and any which way you can manoeuvre your body.

For then….when you have outgrown the park swings. For then, when your hands may seek other forms of comfort and the cuddles may not be so forthcoming. For then, I will look back on this time when you were still my little monkey.