Imagine the magic. Imagine the delight. Imagine all the fairy dust in the world…

A few weeks ago, Evie asked me to help her make a fairy garden.

She sprinkled the metallic paper clippings, added a few flowers and stars and decorated the perimeter with fairy castle stickers. After wrapping some paper round the edges to make a path to guide the fairies in the night, she was satisfied.


A finishing touch was required. Evie suggested that the fairies may enjoy eating one of the muffins we had baked the previous day. She placed it at the foot of the fairy path, dictated her letter to me while I scribed and signed it from herself.


And then…….

We waited…….
In the early hours of the morning, a small shadow next to my bed whispered “mommy, can we please go downstairs and see if the fairies came to visit my garden during the night?”

As I stumbled down the stairs and into the outdoor darkness of not-quite-yet-dawn, the power of imagination came to life. As my little fairy realised her muffin had been eaten and in it’s place was a sealed envelope with her name, her contagious sheer delight made me almost believe it too.


She proudly took her envelope to school, insisting that she would only read it with her prep teacher Roz, and later that day told me how she showed it to every child in the class.


Her fairy card now has pride of place next to her bedside table.

I hope it remains there for many years to come….so her beautiful, adventurous and wonderful imagination never ceases to delight her world.