This is summer……. It’s eating your favourite ice cream flavour. Getting beach sand stuck between your toes. Meeting baby cousins for the first time and celebrating weddings and beautiful love. It’s mango juice dripping down our chin, swings in the park, wet swimmers and flip flops, late night sunsets and fairy floss. It’s new puppies and school holidays. It’s boogey boarding, being dunked by waves and long beach days. It’s so much ice cream, but never too much. It’s family board games and goofing around at home with no plans and nowhere to be. It’s evening swims, fresh fruit and learning how to make pasta. It’s end of year school concerts, grandfathers finding lollies in kids ears, jumping through sprinklers and did I mention ice cream? It’s bike rides, summer dresses and sticky hands. It’s the days when you care less about the mundane and more about the moments, Less about bed times and more about the time together. It’s the days that memories are made of.