On this wet and rainy Mother’s day, the kids and I donned gumboots and stepped outside to jump in puddles.

Admittedly, I jumped in a couple only (okay, one only), before I joined Duck on the sidelines and huddled under the umbrella.

There is surely no better gift on Mother’s Day (or any day) than watching pure unadulterated childhood joy. The kind of joy that you subconsciously lose as you grow out of childhood. The kind of joy that doesn’t care whether you are wet, cold and covered in dirty drain water. The kind of joy that results in peals of giddy laughter that may wake the neighbours on an early Sunday morning.

It’s this puddle-jumping-kind-of-joy that I want to remember forever. I want to remember this moment long after my fairy and monkey grow up and rain puddles just don’t hold that same attraction anymore.

Thank-you Jakey and Evie for giving me the best Mother’s day gift I could ever ask for.