Tonight at bath time there was more water outside the bath than inside. There was very wet hair in the middle of winter. There were droplets of water cascading down the mirrors, the doors and pooling in the corners where the water will surely rot the wood. Tonight at bath time there were soaking wet towels, bath toys on the floor drowning in puddles and small wet footprints on the carpet.

But tonight at bath time there was also infectious laughter resonating loudly with the bathroom acoustics. There were kicks that sent water spraying in all direction and accompanying fits of childhood giggles. Tonight at bath time there were the two of you, brother and sister, enjoying your daily bath time routine with ultimate love and friendship.

It feels like the time is too near when the bath toys will be thrown out. Where splashing naked in a small confined space will not generate the same level of joy as it does now. The time will come when the two of you no longer desire to enjoy bath time together, and most likely won’t even let me be present in the bathroom with you.

Until then I will hold onto these bath nights tightly as I mop up the water from the floors and walls. And when that time comes, I will look at this picture of the two of you, and hopefully I will hear the splashes, the loud laughter and feel the water spray all over me once again.