As I write this blog post, the irony is not lost on me that it is only now, as Melbourne enters day 165 of various lockdowns, that I have finally had the time to do what is so important to me. For when life is “normal” my days are filled with running around, chores, dancing, basketball and footy lifts and a gizzlion things in between. Sure, those things are important too. And they give me immense joy and a new found appreciation for the many freedoms of life after our awful 2020 where so much was taken away from us. But life goes back to normal very quickly and my daily rat race takes over.  Preserving my family memories is of extreme importance to me, yet every week there is never enough time to create these time capsule videos.

So this weekend, with everything cancelled across all Victoria, I finally had the time to do what I have been wanting to do for many months….make a time capsule of our summer, like I do every year. As I pulled all the clips together, I remembered  roasting marshmallows over roaring fires, watching my kids tender emotions on display when they met baby cousins for the first time, endless ocean swimming and salty hair for days and travelling to favourite holiday destinations with friends and family.

I recall these memories as they blend together on my computer screen and I can’t believe how much we actually got to live during the summer that was. We took every single moment of those never ending glorious days and we revelled in it. In some ways I am grateful for this week long forced time out…a time to pause and look back in gratitude and wonder at everything we DID get to do. For I have come to realise that it has never been truer that life happens while you are busy making other plans. So you just have to go out and live life every single day. And I hope I always live each day in the exact same way that we lived the summer that was.