Towards the start of 2015, we decided not to plan a traditional three-week family holiday over the Christmas period. the reasons were numerous – peak periods and a desire to avoid crowds and queues, costs and spikes in prices for the Christmas holiday demand and also a desire to actually have a holiday, as being at home is often more restful.

However, in the end, partly due to circumstance, we landed up having a few adventures away.

The first weekend of the school holidays was spent camping at Point leo Foreshore with the Kawalskys and Kessels. This was our second family camping trip and it was brilliant! I am so glad we have decided to go on camping holidays. Despite the hard work (packing, setting up, packing down, packing the car!) it is so worth it!

On new Years Day we headed far down the Great Ocean Road to the 12 Apostles, with Hughie and Yardena who were visiting from SA. We stayed for 4 days at Mackas Farm, which was superb! Despite a few misgivings on arrival (Hughie who is used to luxury 5 star suites was a bit taken aback when he realised he was sleeping in something resembling a farm shed!) , it was a wonderful 4 days. The farm provided the kids with an experience they could never get in the city, and we explored this wonderful region visiting cheese factories, stunning beaches and lush forests.

From there we flew to Sydney, where we were lucky enough to spend a week staying in Kim and Podge’s house. I had left my camera on the plane (!!) so not much footage, but our daily routine involved beach run, beach swim, home for a nap and more beach in the arvo.

The last weekend of the school holidays was spent in bright with gavin and Eloise Sacks for 4 days over the Australia Day Long weekend. Another camping adventure and lots of swimming and slide action by the magnificent Bright river.

In between all of this was lots and lots of Melbourne chilling time. Some beach action, visits to the city and the best part of the holiday…relaxing at home and having a real holiday!

Here is the summer school holidays 2015 time capsule.