Today, you gave me a long cuddle.



You had just woken up from an afternoon nap, which is pretty unusual for you nowadays as you always claim you are not tired and fight going to bed, despite your mood often indicating that your brain is totally overloaded and could really do with a shutdown.


When you woke, you immediately reached for my arms. As I picked you up, your head found that place between my neck and left shoulder and your arms and legs enveloped me. That feeling of your cuddles never stops making me feel soooo good, like I am your most special person in the world. We sat on the rocking chair in silence for a few quiet moments, while I rubbed your back and tried to make sure that my cerebellum would cement this feeling in my memory bank.


You are my second child, my first son and my last born. You will always in some way be my baby, but you are growing up, which is a bitter sweet feeling for me. There are so many things about you being 4 that I want to remember. But here are a few I am sure will change pretty soon, so I want to record them in this time capsule.

  •  When I say goodnight to you in your bed, you tell me a love poem, which is the sweetest sweetest love poem I have ever heard. You tell me that you love me past the moon, past the sun, past the earth and many many more “pasts”. I know it’s a tactic to stop me leaving the room and delay bedtime, but you know what Jakey, I am aways happy to delay your bed time when you tell me how much you love me.
  • Another bedtime favourite of yours is to kiss my face all over. Your soft lips first go for my nose, then each eye lid, ears, neck, hair, sometimes my teeth and even my eye brows. You give me strict instructions not to kiss you back and the ticklish feeling of your lips on my face is the most bestest touch in the world.
  •  You LURVE toilet humour! Anytime your dad and I (or anyone for that matter) change a story or a song and add in a few fart words, you pack up laughing and think it’s the funniest thing in the world.
  • Your toilet conversation extends to how you express your frustrations. When you get told off by someone or are having a fight with your sister or a friend, the first thing you say is “you are poo poo”, which whilst it’s not the nicest thing to say, at least it’s original.
  • Your nose wrinkles up in the cutest way when you are asking a question as a way of clarifying some information.

I love you my sweet 4 year of monkey.