Wednesday, 3 December 2014


It’s definitely that time of the year. The major rush as clients want all projects finished before Christmas, the frantic scheduling of get togethers and pre-Xmas catch ups and the end of year school concerts and parties.

Due to this frantic pace, I am once again late with my 52 posts this week. It was an eventful week, my little fairy turned another year older and no longer tells people she is “4 and 3/4” when asked. Another post on that later. My business seems to have ramped up rather than slowed down (which I am not complaining about) and summer has definitely arrived.

Here is a little of our week…


two challot

Cruising our street

Evie: Our own queen Elsa turned five this week.

Jake: His best part of his Friday is getting challah at Evie’s kinder. This week he got two!

Together: Cruising down our street.