Sunday, 16 November 2014


The thing I have realised with taking photos of kids, is that more often than not, unless you have your camera in your hand, you often miss that “perfect shot.” This is where the iPhone camera comes in very handy for these moments when my third child SLR is somewhere else in the house. I really think it takes some decent quality photos and without having to adjust settings, it is often more useful technology at capturing the kids before the moment disappears.

I still remember my slim line camera I had as a child, with an attachment of ten flashes that burnt out after one use. I am glad I live in today’s digital world where I have so much technology to capture these time capsules and store them. I can’t help wonder though….did our parents have more moments of watching us with their eyes rather than behind a lens? And is the memory imprinted on the brain sometimes more worthwhile than that saved in megapixels on a digital memory card?




Evie: Her self portrait during her last few week’s of kinder.

Jake: This kid was definitely a bat in a previous life. His favourite pastime is just hanging upside down.

Together: His and hers – they decided to swop clothes for the morning.