Sunday, 9 November 2014

44 and 45/52

I cannot believe there are only a handful more posts for me to complete in my 52 project. Every parent experiences the ultimate cliche of the year rushing by and the kids getting too big too quickly. Within a couple of months my not-so-little-anymore fairy will begin her formal school education and my I-can-still-call-him-little monkey will start kinder.

This is a double week of photos from our daily lives as the past couple of weeks have been crazily busy with my new business (fingers crossed it stays that way) and I have not picked up the camera nearly as much as I would have liked.

Shabat Ima

long hair

Ice cream Evie

ice cream Jake

plasticine bubbles

Evie: She loves Shabbat and pretend play, so when it was her turn to bring home the Shabbat Box from kinder, she was in her element being the Shabbat Ima”. You can read more about the Shabbat Box story here.

Jake: Desperately needing a haircut so he can see without hair constantly in his eyes.

Together: Nothing says summer quite like melting ice cream.

Together: Blowing plasticine balloons. I spotted this at the toyshop and was immediately taken back to memories of my childhood blowing these giant bubbles from a small blob of plastic.