Sunday, 28 September 2014


There has been a lot of colour in Melbourne this week. We arrived home from the US to a picture perfect Melbourne blue sky on Tuesday morning, purple spring lavender blooming in our garden as we pulled into our driveway and a sea of colour as our kids raced into our arms for the bestest of best welcome home cuddles.

Perhaps it is the after holiday glow where I am taking a breath to slow down and notice more despite life being back to the usual frantic place, or the late evenings glow as the days get longer. Whatever the reason, it feels like it has been a week of colour and a sign of the summer to come.

Choosing flowers

Eating oranges


Evie: Choosing flowers from the market.

Jake: Oranges taste so sweet, especially when a kindly gentleman gives us a segment to sample at our local farmers market.

Together: Helping to plant our new garden herbs.