Saturday, 13 September 2014


This week is a double 52 project post, as I won’t be around next week to capture the daily lives of my fairy and monkey. Duck and I are off on a 10 day kid-free holiday to the states. I still cannot imagine what it will be like….leaving the house with my handbag only, not having to be home for sleep time and sitting down for a meal that I actually get to finish while it is still hot. I am so looking forward to this trip and spending time travelling with my best friend and husband, like we did pre-kids. But at the same time I cannot imagine spending 10 days away from my two cherubs. In some ways it will go so quickly and in other ways it will feel too long. Evie and Jakey, I know you will be more than fine without us and will have the best care and attention. I know that the nanny will most likely not read a single word of the 15 pages of instructions I have left (but at least it makes me feel better thinking it is being read) and I know that the minute we envelop you in our arms for a giant cuddle on our return, you will be asking to unwrap your presents.

I love you both so very much and will miss you madly, so as I am not going to see your daily lives week next week, here is a double take of the 52 project.

bowl on head


Mini trolley

moms juice


kids in shopping trolley

Evie: 101 uses for a mixing bowl

Evie: She missed kinder again this week to spend a day with myself, Jakey and her beloved Pops. I will miss these days next year once she is in prep.

Jake: Too much effort to carry his fruit bowl to the table, luckily he had the mini trolley at hand.

Jake: I lost my delicious fruit whip to this little monkey.

Together: Camping in the playroom.

Together: Mommy’s little helpers.