Saturday, 9 August 2014


Last Sunday, we took a slow drive up to Mount Donna Buang in Warburton. This was the kid's virgin experience of snow and it was all they had been talking about in the days leading up. We certainly chose the best day this season with blue skies and not a breath of wind. After loading the car with about thirteen changes of clothes, lots of extra socks and snacks to warm their bellies, we drove up the windy mountain covered in snow-capped fern trees. It looked like the path on the way to Hansel and Gretel's house…pure magic!

As I have not seen snow in over 15 years, I was almost as excited as the kids. We could not get to the top of the mountain due to the black ice, but we stopped on the side where the snow was ankle deep, built our obligatory snowman (who certainly did not look anything as cool as Olaf), had a couple of snow fights and within 20 minutes the kids had decided their hands and feet were too cold and they hopped back in the car. My fingers did not take very well to the cold so unfortunately I could not operate my camera to get too many shots.

Evie playing in the snow

Jake and Duck in the snow

In the car at the snow

Evie: By this stage the excitement had faded as she started to feel the cold in her bones.

Jake: See if you can spot the lopsided snowman to his left.

Together: Back in the car they were much happier with the heater and a cuddle and content to watch everyone else build their side-of-the-road snow men.