Sunday, 15 June

23 and 24/52

I am a week behind with my 52 portraits as last week we spent five sun-filled days on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with some very good friends. The days were filled with early morning runs through the national park, daily sampling of the street gelato, lots of laughter while swimming, plenty eating and what I believe to be true mindfullness.







Evie: She could swing for ever. I love seeing the look of pure abandoned joy on her face while she is up in the air.

Jake: This version of beach bats was a new ball sport for him. A ball to him is like water is to a fish.

Together: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!

Evie: Painting with painted fingernails…what could be better.

Jake: He loves the sea but with his skinny body he starts to shiver quite quickly. He was so content wrapped in a warm towel and a giant hug from daddy.

Together: Holidays are are about eating lots of “some-times” foods. These enourmous gingerbread men were devoured with delight.