Sunday, 25 May 2014


For the past few months, Duck and I have been indulging in the nanny stakes. Every Saturday morning, as we both head off for our respective cycle and run exercise routines, Jessica, our amazing nanny arrives at our house, always surprisingly cheerful and enthusiastic for someone who will be looking after other people’s children at 7am. The kids love her so much that as soon as she arrives they are pushing me towards the door to leave them in peace…well maybe not quite “peace” but whatever they are up to I know it’s lots of fun.

Besides mom and dad having some essential time away from kids and fitting in our exercise regime, one of the perks of the Saturday nanny and exercise combo, is that it means Sunday mornings are for us. There is no rushing, no reluctant pulling ourseleves away from the kids warm cuddles in bed, no use of the word “hurry up.” Sunday means an extra coffee in bed in the morning with the newspaper (that only happens when ABC for Kids is the background entertainment), hanging around in pyjamas for many hours and some days, like today, pancakes for breakfast.






Together: Making pancakes with dad.

Jake: He may be a wild monkey at times, but this little boy has such a soft gentle nature and is always so tender with his big sister’s baby dolls.

Evie: Most morning’s she requests a plait in her hair. I usually oblige but sometimes we are having one of “those mornings” and lack of time and melt downs does not bode well for anything more sophisticated than a pony tail.