19 09, 2016

When I Grow Up

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Last month there was a swimming carnival hosted by the kids swim school. Evie was very excited and eager to take part (her brother couldn’t have cared less).

The first race was an absolute hit. Evie swam her best back stroke and beat the other kids to a podium finish. She was proud as punch

14 08, 2016

What I remember when you were 4 years old.

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Five is a good number. It’s strong, it’s solid, it’s all your digits on a single hand.

And this week, your earth turned another full year around the sun and you became that much taller, that much more grown up, that much less of my little boy and that much more an ever-blossoming young man of

8 07, 2016

Kids Were Here, Friday 8th July 3:14pm

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It’s a Friday afternoon during school holidays. The kids have been playing beautifully together the whole day and I daren’t interrupt them for fear of spoiling the moments of play. There are marbles  under the couch and in far flung corners of the whole house, cushions on the floor surrounded by blocks of all

25 06, 2016

A bath time capsule

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Tonight at bath time there was more water outside the bath than inside. There was very wet hair in the middle of winter. There were droplets of water cascading down the mirrors, the doors and pooling in the corners where the water will surely rot the wood. Tonight at bath time there were soaking wet towels,