23 09, 2017

Kids Were Here, Sat 23 Sept 2017 6:18pm

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2 09, 2017

You remind me of your great grandfather

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Your great Grandfather Barney was an absolute “salt of the earth” soul. You are too young at the moment to know what this means, but it is someone who is genuine, kind, thoughtful and puts others before themselves.

A few days ago, on the way to school, you offered to read this book to Jake.

2 09, 2017

Bedtime rituals

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The school teachers and books and our own parents tell us we should read to our kids every day. It will help them develop a love for reading and improve their literacy and vocabulary skills. All true….but the most valuable aspect is often not mentioned….the cuddles on the couch.

2 09, 2017

Velcro, childhood’s true lover

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Velcro. It sticks to everything when you are a child. The only day your school shoes actually ever have velcro that works effectively is the day before they are ever worn.

Your velcro tells so many stories…of playgrounds, trees, school floors, lego building, tantrums, food dropped, running, falling, getting up again, green grass, sand, socks