You are not going to be six forever.


In fact, it feels like you will be six for only one blink of an eye, one more cuddle, one more opportunity to hold your hand when we walk into school together.

When you are six, you are still my little fairy, with complete and real belief in all things magic and make believe. You have the kindest and most empathetic heart for all those who you hold close, and your life and people values that you demonstrate are something I am so completely proud of.

This week, as we celebrated another year with visits from the birthday fairy and two visits from the tooth fairy, here are some of the things I will remember from when you were 6.


1) Your excitement and love of school and your teachers. On a few occasions when I have offered to pick you up early, you said “no mommy, I don’t want to miss learning.”



2) Your sheer delight at discovering that magic is real, like when the fairies left you marshmallows in the forest.



3) That at the age of six, you will still sometimes have an afternoon nap.



4) And how after a piggy back to bed at night, you fall asleep cross-legged.


5) Your love for your few close girl friends is so loyal and strong. You love spending time with them, yet are equally content with your own company, a valuable self attribute that will hopefully see you far in life.



6) Your development during this year of prep has blown my mind. I still cannot fathom that less than a year ago you were unable to read and write and I marvel almost daily at that brain growing inside your head and what it is capable of.



7) You’re a girly girl and always have loved dressing up. You go through my wardrobe and ask to borrow many of my clothes and jewellery when you are bigger, although if your personality stays the way it is, I doubt you will want any of my casual shorts and T-shirts, they just won’t be pretty enough for you!



8) Your curls, that are finally growing after all these years! And especially the way they catch the afternoon sunlight.



9) Your total devotion, love and care for your brother Jake. This is despite him often getting in your way or his habit of late to scream at you “stop looking at me!” You have never stopped being his big sister protector from the moment he was born.



10) Your utmost joy for life.



Evie, my little fairy who is beautiful inside and out. I love you forever and wish you all the birthday happiness in the world.



Evie’s 6th birthday from Teri Lichtenstein on Vimeo.