When I was a kid, not too a dissimilar age to my children’s age as I write this, one of my favourite Enid Blighton books was The Magic Wishing Chair. This chair had powers, it told stories, it created magic and so many memorable moments.

Today we removed our last child booster seat from our car. In years gone by when a car seat was removed it was simply to upgrade to the next size. But not today. For there is no next size now that both my kids are old enough (and just tall enough!) to ride in a car without one. Today we say farewell to nearly 9 years of car seats. But as I look at this seat, I realise it is not just a seat, and nor were its predecessors before this one. All these seats have been our family’s magic wishing chairs with thousands of stories ingrained into the upholstery.

These seats have been beds and pillows. They have held food of every kind imaginable in every crevice and crack. They have watched toy story, cinderella and countless other dvd’s on long car journeys. They have had drink bottles spilled all over them and kept “blanky” in their pocket, ready and waiting to soothe a crying child. They have had face paint smeared on the upholstery and cradled sweaty foreheads on hot days. They have travelled extensively, on many driving trips around Australia and on long haul flights too.

These seats have brought our babies home from hospital. They have heard the piercing shrill of many a temper tantrum, the infectious joy of childhood laughter and become damp from salty and sad tears. These chairs have listened to countless repeats of nursery rhyme CDs. They have held kids in fancy dress costumes, wet nappies, beach sand and muddy feet. They have touched the surface of so many toys, shoes and balls….not to mention the less memorable vomit and runny poos.

These seats have held the hearts and minds of growing children. And whilst my children’s bodies no longer need these seats… they will always need these memories of their magical wishing chairs.