I am sure many of us have seen that cartoon that says “if only your life was really as good as your Facebook status.” So many of my pictures of the kids tell of happy times, those time capsules I am determined to capture to remind myself of those oh-so-adorable and memorable fleeting moments.

But at the same time, I also want to remember the not-so-adorable times. Those days where my Instagram photos would have included many expletive hashtags that wouldn’t exactly conjour  up images of kids with cute pigtails, blue skies and happy memories.

Like this one.


This has been a daily image in our household for a number of weeks. Whether is a stage, a growing pain, a boy thing or one of the hundred other labels that may well meaning family and friends try to placate me with, it is still #fukenhard, #frustrating and #extremelydifficult.

My little 3 year old monkey loves nothing better than to face plant the ground when even the smallest thing sets him off. He is hitting other kids, his sister, his parents and anyone else that comes in his way. I believe part of his frustration is his inability to express himself as well as he would like, or at least as well as he would like people to understand.

I know this ‘stage’ shall pass and in the meantime, I will continue to approach life with my camera.