After months of proudly telling everyone you were 4 and 3/4, the day arrived when this was no longer.

Five years on and you are still my little fairy. You’re the girl with the vivid imagination who will play make believe by yourself or with friends for hours on end. The most gentlest of sisters with a tender nature that melts my heart, as well as a short fuse that results in the meltdowns of all meltdowns.

This was the birthday where you loved to dress up as Queen Elsa and asked months in advance for the Frozen cake. You ran out of bed in the morning with anticipation to see if the birthday fairy had arrived…and she didn’t disappoint. Your uncle Hughie came all the way from South Africa to celebrate with you (kinda) and together with Zoe, your best friend, you baked and danced and celebrated in style.

Five years have gone by too quickly. Here is a glimpse of your celebrations, which you will hopefully watch for many years to come…even though you will never again be four and three quarters.

Love mommy

Evie 5th birthday from Teri Lichtenstein on Vimeo.