During 2013, I loved following Milina and many others who captured so many of their 52 moments. These were the mundane yet significant moments that shaped their days into weeks and their weeks into a full year.

In 2014, I am setting myself a challenge to take one photo of each of my kids every week for 52 weeks.

When embarking on this project, I felt somehow that 2 photos per week seemed to be missing something. Contrary to my previous longing for a third child, the ‘missing’ element did not have anything to do with a need for an additional sibling. It took me a few days to work it out and as I captured this third image during my second week of the project (I cheated a little as week one was part of our Kangaroo Island holiday and will be feature in a separate post), it hit me. Evie and Jake are unique individuals in their own right, yet they have a tight close bond that shows itself on a daily basis. Therefore, my aim each week is to capture each of their personalities but also show an image of them together…this may be playing, fighting, manipulating or just being. Whatever lies ahead, it is important for me to capture this strong sibling relationship.

So here goes…a portrait of Jake and Evie each week.





Evie: Making sure she drinks every last sip

Jake: His sister dressed up in her minnie mouse outfit with whiskers; he insisted on having whiskers too

Together: Cooling off in the backyard