Do you remember that childhood joy? The anticipation as you knew your birthday was imminent….yet still so many sleeps till the big day arrived? To re-experience the excitement of one’s birthday through your child is a re-awakening from the blasé sentiments that get attributed to birthdays as one gets older.

Evie has been counting down the days till her birthday for many many months. At the start of November, we put up her very own apple tree with 24 apples.



Each day one was removed, until we were left with this.


The day finally arrived and it started (at 6am!) with a surprise visit overnight from the birthday fairy, who created a beautiful display of gifts and fun for the birthday girl.














The birthday display set out by the birthday fairy in the middle of the night

The display after all presents were unwrapped

A dining-table cubby house waiting at the bottom of the stairs

A cuddle for our favourite cuddly toy

Taking the new scooter for a spin

Peppa enjoying a ride in the basket of Evie’s new bike

Blowing out candles