Sunday, 6 July 2014


Dear Evie and Jake

On Friday evening, as we prepared to light Shabbat candles together and you bubbled with anticipation to drink your grape juice, I had a severe lump in my throat as I wondered whether the three moms of the murdered Israeli teenagers were lighting candles for their souls.

When I started this blog, it’s purpose was to serve as a record of your lives. To document the moment’s that make up your existence over the years and tell a story through images. For the past week, I have seen images of three young bodies draped in Israeli flags, indescribable anguish on the faces of the parents and a nation that has united in their grief. It is true that a picture can speak a thousand words and the pictures I have seen this week will be branded in my mind forever. As I document your beautiful lives on this blog, I am all too aware that the families of Naftali, Eyal and Gilad will never more have the opportunity to do this.

Most of the photos of the two of you represent joyous moments in your lives. But life, as we have so harshly been reminded this week, is sometimes cruel and presents itself in the most unjust and inexplainable manner. You are both too young to know this and whilst I want to continue to maintain your child-like innocence for as long as possible, I am writing this letter to you for the future when that innocence will be lost and you will need to be reminded that along with the evil there is good.

I hope that you never experience hate towards anyone. Hate will always perpetuate hate. To hate someone because of the colour of their skin, their race or their identity will destroy your own sense of being. If someone says or does something unkind to you, live your life so no-one will believe it. When you bear witness to events in your life that are based on hatred, I hope that you will be able to rise above and see the light and the good.

I don’t want you to grow up thinking every day will be beautiful. But I want to teach you to keep your hearts open to good and eventually the positive will come back to you.

Love mommy