Sunday, 23 March 2014

This week has been busy. Between work, after school activities and Purim thrown into the mix, by Friday I had barely taken any photos of our 12th week of the year. This weekend we made up for it. Duck was away on a boys cycling weekend so it was me and the kiddies. Despite very little down time for me and the weekend newspapers still rolled up in their plastic sleeves by the time I crashed into bed on Saturday night, I enjoyed spending so much time with my fairy and monkey and making up for the lack of balance that I often feel during the huirried weekdays. We scootered to Prahran market, baked biscuits for the toy library fundraiser and this morning joined friends at the NGV for the amazing Melbourne NOW exhibition.

This week’s portraits are a double take as I couldn’t choose just three.







Evie: When a child sits on a tram watching the world go by, they get so much more delight out of it compared to an adult.

Evie: She was a flash of movement on the lights and disco floor at Melbourne NOW.

Jake: So excited to see his reflection in the coloured glass panels.

Jake: Whilst his sister could not stop showing off her dance moves, he preferred to lie down and watch the coloured lights reflected in the mirrored ceiling.

Together: Playing with the waterfall wall at NGV…it never ceases to impress them.

Together: A chilly afternoon watching Dora and giving mum a much-needed break.