Sunday, 14 December 2014


I can’t believe I have reached 50. Only two more weeks left. I am planning a video project for the final post of the 52 project, will need a bit of time to get that one off the ground. As I come to the end of this project I have mixed feelings. To be honest, I am tired. It has been a very long year, especially the last few weeks. Whilst I have loved recording the weeks through this photo journey and I plan to print a book of this project, at times I have felt anxious as I have scrambled to capture some photos of the kids as the days of the week were coming to an end. I know I will look back for years to come on the weeks that made up our 2014 and be thankful that I have the memories both in print and in my head.

2015 is already full of promise. I have signed up to an online course with the fabulous and amazing Xanthe. I want to start taking my photography and video skills to a new level and stop putting off my learning of Lightroom. The kids will be a year older and as always life will continue to be busy. As I say goodbye to the 52 weeks of 2014, I am planning and hoping to continue to record these moments of life, albeit in new ways.





Evie: My little fairy’s first ballet concert. Watching her dance on stage for the first time is something I will never forget.

Jake: Backyard water fountain fun on a hot day.

Together: Sunlight and disco balls – pure magic for kids.