Sunday, 26 October 2014


It’s been one of those week’s. Those week’s where I have had to deal with daily temper tantrums, mostly from kids but sometimes from adults too. One of those week’s where everything seems a little too overwhelming, the to-do list gets longer and longer and the lack of sleep makes everything slightly less bearable. There have been some great moments though. My brother in South Africa got engaged and I am already mentally preparing my trip to my homeland. The kids were a delight watching them scream with laughter whilst they ran through the sprinkler and my business seems to be going from strength to strength (keep those fingers crossed).

I know we all have week’s like this where things are more pear shaped than usual. I just sometimes wonder if life will always feel so chaotic? Whilst I endeavour to practise more mindfulness and continually try to slow down, this week has been a struggle.

Healthy appetite

Lollipop Happy


Evie: This blue-eyed angel has been anything but this week. LOTS of melt downs (usually over nothing as serious as spilled milk). I am anxious for the start of prep next year where there will be less sleep during the day and a tired little girl.

Jake: He loves his lollipops.

Together: Peals of laughter could be heard down our street as they ran through the icy-cold sprinkler on a hot evening.