Sunday, 31 August 2014


It has been an action-packed week. With local festivals, day trips with friends and the start of Spring, I just couldn’t choose only one image of Evie and Jake together. On Thursday Evie skipped a day of kinder and came with us to the zoo instead. I am conscious that all too soon she will be starting to prep and I won’t be able to justify her missing days of school on a casual basis. It was a gorgeous sunny morning and the three of us enjoyed the quiet morning of the zoo as the animals woke up and ate breakfast. We even got to see the elephants having a pedicure!

Luminarium at the Glow festival

Jake Haircut

The obligatory rock animal photo

Fruit break at the zoo

Waiting for a surprise treat

Snow fun Healesville sanctuary

Evie: She had an absolute ball at the Luminarium, part of Stonnington’s Glow Festival.

Jake: Pulling faces at himself while he had a haircut. This was the first haircut where he was happy to sit by himself and not on my lap.

Together: A visit to the zoo on a gorgeous sunny Thursday morning – the obligatory rock animal photo and a morning fruit break.

Together: Patiently Impatiently waiting with eyes covered for their surprise treat.

Together: Fake snow at Winter Wonderland at Healesville Sanctuary