Tuesday, 22 July 2014


It has been a very eventful last couple of weeks. A family trip to Sydney, a sick household, some BIG changes at work and new opportunities on the horizon. In addition, the world seems to be spinning out of control with a war zone in Gaza and Israel and aeroplane’s been shot out of the sky. I am a bit late with last week’s 52 project and with so much going on in the world and for me personally, these photos seem like they were capturing a moment from a long time ago. It is crazy how much can happen in such a short time. Whilst deciding which photos to choose to capture the week that was the 29th week of 2014, I felt a sense of calm envelop me as I recall this beautiful sunny winter Sunday morning, with my husband, fairy and monkey….just the three of us hanging in the park and for a short time, our crazy world stopped spinning so fast.

A winter’s day at the park from Teri Lichtenstein on Vimeo.






Evie: Pigtails and a smile on a slide

Jake: When I look at his face in this photo, I can actually hear his sheer delight and laughter

Together: A close cuddle with dad and the winter sun warming our backs

Duck: I don’t usually add in a photo of Duck, but I really liked this side profile of my good looking husband 🙂