Sunday, 29 June 2014


So here we are halfway through the year and halfway through my collection of weekly portraits of my little fairy and monkey.

This coming week sees the start of July, the start of a new financial year and the start of some new opportunities to unfold over the coming months.

This week of cold and rainy Melbourne winter weather saw a lot of indoor play. Baking, boat rides in washing baskets, cubbyhouse make-believe and hours of occupied quiet time with our new toys from the toy library,




Evie: The home-made cubbyhouse got a workout this weekend. Evie had lots of tea parties for her growing family of dolls and even elected to watch her favourite show (Ben & Holly) through the window.

Jake: Sheer delight at fitting snuggly into his washing basket “boat”.

Together: I wasn’t convinced that this gears toy from our toy library would win many fans. But surprisingly, both kids spent over an hour bent over with concentration as they constructed their working designs.