Sunday, 11 May 2014


I am not sure why, but in our household we only seem to do painting activities when it’s wet and the kids cannot play outside. I think it might be something to do with Duck and I being happy to let the painting mess happen at childcare and kindergarten, rather than our walls and floors. Watching the kids painting on Saturday made me realise the value of the brush and the freedom that comes with being a kid and just painting for the sake of painting…sometimes the brush just paints.

Once the rain stopped and the sun came out it was time to get the gumboots on and get soaking wet from puddle jumping.





Evie: her blue blue eyes never cease to amaze me.

Jake: NO Mom!! I am not going inside as I am having way too much fun getting soaked from puddle jumping.

Together: Happiness is…..

Together: They sat and painted contentedly for hours.

Joining all the others out there for the 52 Project