20 10, 2018

Same same….but different

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Same parents, different kids Same blue eyes, different freckles Same sets of genetic material, completely different personalities Same love for their mum and dad, different ways of expressing it Same opportunities, different interests Same bedroom that they sleep in together for now, will be different very soon and my heart will be a little sad [...]

15 07, 2018

Sunshine, shadows, bikes and wonder

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An afternoon bike ride. Shadows moving, children growing, time slowed down, eyes and minds observing,  gratitude embraced. DCIM100GOPROG0031600.JPG   DCIM100GOPROG0081678.JPG DCIM100GOPROG0061661.JPG   DCIM100GOPROG0051651.JPG   DCIM100GOPROG0011575.JPG   DCIM100GOPROG0011538.JPG   DCIM100GOPROG0011524.JPG   DCIM100GOPROG0011523.JPG   DCIM100GOPROG0011518.JPG   DCIM100GOPROG0011511.JPG

19 06, 2018

Summer Dayzzzz

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This is summer....... It's eating your favourite ice cream flavour. Getting beach sand stuck between your toes. Meeting baby cousins for the first time and celebrating weddings and beautiful love. It's mango juice dripping down our chin, swings in the park, wet swimmers and flip flops, late night sunsets and fairy floss. It's new puppies and [...]