2 09, 2017

Velcro, childhood’s true lover

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Velcro. It sticks to everything when you are a child. The only day your school shoes actually ever have velcro that works effectively is the day before they are ever worn. Your velcro tells so many stories...of playgrounds, trees, school floors, lego building, tantrums, food dropped, running, falling, getting up again, green grass, sand, socks [...]

20 05, 2017

Keeping it real

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Pretend play is such a big part of childhood. It is how kids learn to navigate the world around them, figure out how things work and have a go themselves. Today Evie set up shop in her and Jake's bedroom. The two of them played for hours, buying many household items with pretend money. I wonder [...]

25 06, 2016

A bath time capsule

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Tonight at bath time there was more water outside the bath than inside. There was very wet hair in the middle of winter. There were droplets of water cascading down the mirrors, the doors and pooling in the corners where the water will surely rot the wood. Tonight at bath time there were soaking wet towels, bath [...]

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