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The minutes becomes hours and then days. The weeks become months and then years. Another birthday, a new summer, outgrown shoes. Every day there is a new stage and with each day that passes, some things are left behind.

I look forward to the new moments. But some are going to pass and never come back. Like this one, where you are four years old and have outgrown your day time sleep, but often, especially at the end of the week, I watch you from the rearview mirror as your face muscles relax, your gaze becomes fixated on the passing scenery and then next time I look back, you are so sweetly asleep.

I love that the rocking movement of the car can do this for you so easily, when your body and brain is so ready to switch off. I love how your lips part and every part of you becomes perfectly still. I love that your body is taking a much needed break to recharge, especially as there is no way you would willingly go to sleep during the day anymore. And sometimes, once the car is back in the driveway, I take a few moments out of the hecticness of life and watch you…my sleeping beauty.

You won’t be four forever, but this  will be a four year old part of you that I will remember forever.

Jake sleeping

Jake sleeping



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