2 12, 2016

Kids Were Here – Thursday 1st Dec, 7:18am

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When your son takes blue tac and makes a dinosaur that lives on the mirror.

26 11, 2016

A 7 year old birthday interview

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Evie’s 7 th Birthday Interview
24 Nov 2016
How old are you ?   Seven
Who is your best friend?    Saskia
What is your favourite thing to do at school?  Read rainbow Magic
What is your favourite colour?       Purple
What is your favourite food?      Pasta
What’s your worst food?  Peanut Butter
What song do you like to sing? Thank you for the music

23 11, 2016

What I remember when you were 6

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You are my daughter with the wisdom beyond your years. You are the kind soul who is always nagging me to take you into the city to give another bag of clothes to a homeless person. You are the friend who everyone wants to play with as you never leave anyone out. You are the empathetic individual who

19 09, 2016

When I Grow Up

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Last month there was a swimming carnival hosted by the kids swim school. Evie was very excited and eager to take part (her brother couldn’t have cared less).

The first race was an absolute hit. Evie swam her best back stroke and beat the other kids to a podium finish. She was proud as punch